My name is Eric Broyhill, and I welcome you to MonsterLab.

Early in my career I had the opportunity, to record and mix many talented people. Artists such as; Deftones, The Mother Hips, Brotha Lynch Hung, Chk Chk Chk !!!, Seven Seconds, ZAO, Knapsack, Fillibuster, FAR, Tera Melos, and countless others.

In 1992, at one of California’s more notorious recording studios, Enharmonic, later known as “The Hangar”, I landed a job interview. The owners’ idea of an interview consisted of making sure I could handle a skateboard on the studios’ indoor quarter-pipe! I landed the job with a few bruises to show! In essence, being thrown into the fire is how I learned the trade.

After working in the trenches for a decade, I began taking an interest in the art of mastering. Being a contributor to Tape Op magazine gave me the opportunity to pick a few of the most brilliant minds in the business. The fact I was consulting studio design part time, made the timing great for putting the right room together. With design inspiration from one of the best, Wes Lachot, and help from John Baccigaluppi of Tape Op, I built and opened MonsterLab.

With support from good friends and great artist, mastering took over. As of today I’ve created thousands of masters for an eclectic and diverse range of artist. Clients include Kranky, Domino, Warner Bros, Sony, Victory, Drive Thru Records, Island, Sumerian, Cartesian, Vagrant, to name a few.

Today MonsterLab has grown to become a two room mastering facility located in the capital of pop music, Stockholm Sweden. The second room is occupied by Jonas Ekstrom of who is always around to offer a strong cup of coffee, and good conversation.

The only important thing is ...everything!
— Eric Broyhill / Mastering Engineer & Founder