Welcome to the studio!

After a tireless year of shooting-out different speaker options, I tuned this room around a pair of 116 kg (256 lb) Focal Maestro Utopia monitors. This room was built utilizing a secondary resonating wooden shell, that floats against a strategically placed layer of fiberglass, designed precisely to even out the lo-frequency response of the room.


I have also spared no expense in the most artful collection of Vintage Tube, and State of the Art Digital processors I could find. To keep things interesting, I’m always fine-tuning, trying out new ideas, and all around just experimenting with sound.

All bullshit aside, the studio is nothing more than a creative tool. Like a great song, the true source of any great master is the ear, and a little bit of soul.

For those interested in learning more, I highly recommend reading; Sound Reproduction - Loudspeakers and Rooms, by Floyd Toole